Agency offers and has experience in making services:
1. Disinfection in indoors places and outdoors in fighting different microbes and dangerous in spreading the infection to the people.
2. Desinsection, fighting against different microbes like mosquito,bugs,flys,etc; wherever they expand and multiply.
3. Deratisation, fighting against rats and rodent wherever they show up.

In making the service of desinfection the agency uses solid clor and liquid. In making the service of desinsection ,is being used k-otrine SC 2,5(pulverise and liquid),Ficam(pulverise),Faslan Gel 2%,Piricol(Colkim) ,insecticido(ItaIy)Delete 2.5 EC. The preparation that the agency uses are material wich are imported by "Bayer" Firm in Germany and "Aventi" in Greece and Italy. The agency has experience and will be taking responsibility even to compile and execution of the projects to clean the city from garbage and other remaings and also with the project of the defending the inviroment of the city and the living places. The upper client with the 3D service =Desinfection,Desinsection and Deratisation,prevent infections that rodents and bugs bring,also with the other animals of the street etc. So we suggest to the new clients ,that in the future.they should do the 3D service is necessary and predicted in the Albanian LegisIation.Doing the 3D service brings hygiene cleanliness.
Thank you for understanding Haxhi Aliko General Manager Agency "Alex-99" Tirana

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