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Agency "Alex-99" ShPK Tirana
Licensed Nipt K415120230 tax organ
Licensed by the Ministry of Health for activity practice 3D with licence nr.3231, dt. 31.03.2005.

Dr. Shaban Kamberi
Agency has employed a specialist doctor with experience in this field and licensed by the Ministry of Health Dr. Shaban Kamberi. Agency "ALEX 99" have a few years that operates with succsess in Tirana and in all Albania, making services with good cuality. So, this agency disinfection, desisection and deradisation in a few importand institutions, like International Aeroport "Nene Tereza", ANTA sh.a. (International Agency Air Transport) , Sea - Port Durres, Archive in all Albania, Q.T.U. (Comercial Centre Univers), International Tirana Hotel, Cheraton Hotel etc.

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